Outlander // Melfina

Make up your mind already, chicky 9_9

So, I'm playing Pixeltown last night and decide to try and get Melfina started on her LTW of 50 dream dates (wtf, pleasure sims? Why can't it be something like "change into PJs 50 times?" I can have that LTW done in about two hours of playing...). I sent her off with Maddox Brilliantcat to Londoste, and things went okay but no dream date. Slacker didn't even leave a rose or a love note or anything, but mail has yet to go in my game again so there's still a chance he could get back in my Mel's good graces.

At any rate, the date ends (and it would have been a dream date if I'd had the idea to initiate some ACR public woohoo sooner than 45 seconds remaining on the date. SO my bad there) and Mel starts rolling wants that have nothing to do with Maddox. I figure I'll check out one of the new community lots that came with AL and send her to Doc Allan's. While she's there, a whole slew of pixel_trade townies wander in - including my recently recovered Vanessa Spicoli, who has always been one of my fave P_T simmies - so I decide to let her scope the room. Nearly all the guys there lit up, but she favoured Frances Peet... who was playing pool at the time so I had her check out an available sim who was drinking a soda.

When this got a positive reaction from her, I decided to let her chat up Justin Spencer for a while. I manage to get them talking for a good while before he leaves the lot, only to return and initiate an ACR-influenced flirt. Insta-crush. I'm trying to figure this out, so I open Mel's relationship panel and promptly facedesk.

...they're friggin' 2-bolters. I can't even remember what aspiration or turn-ons I randomly rolled for Justin, but apparently they dig one another. I'm tempted to let her pursue him if things don't work out with Maddox. Who, by the way, after Mel headed to the bowling alley once more to play around before I sent her home for bed, showed up and proceeded to stalk her around the joint before I finally decided it was time for my greenie girl to get some sleep.

I dunno. I dig Maddox, but 2-bolts isn't anything to sneeze at. And if the genetics worked out, they'd have gorgeous kids (her cheekbones and his nose, the kid could be a model). Decisions, decisions.
Outlander // Melfina

Pixeltown: Outlander

So, yeah. I'm still not going to be doing any full-on stories, but I'm taking photos in-game when anything seems to catch my eye. And if I have a sort-of story going while I play, that's enough to make me happy.

However, I do know how to share on occasion, so whenever that happens? It'll be flying under the Pixeltown banner. Pixeltown is the oh-so-creative name I've given the neighbourhood where all my pixel_trade sims live, including a whole batch of townies (and I need to renab a few that I had planned for my last asylum attempt; Vanessa Spicoli would be fabulous to see roaming the streets, and I need to create some Downtownies as well).

With an asylum already set up (a few of the inhabitants managed to break out while I was playing with my short-term-legacy sim), I figured I'd try to mess around with a mini-legacy as well. I'm only planning five generations, I have my naming scheme all set up, and I'm only using P_T townies/downtownies as potential mates (even if I do plan to try and bring Benjamin Long into the family eventually, but that's after generation five hits adult), and I managed to get a few pics as I went along.

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On that note, I think I might need a new Melfina icon. She certainly isn't a teenager any longer in my game, and I like how this default skin makes all my alien sims look. And now I have the new icon. I couldn't resist using the fireflies picture for it.
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Possible Challenge: Last Sim Standing

So, even though I'm not planning on doing much storytelling in the near future, I've decided I want to do a mini-legacy (five generations maximum, ends only when generation five finishes university). However, just making an heir is boring.

Therefore I decided to make it interesting for myself.

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Thus far no one has died or gone into motive desperation, but there's still seven and three-quarters semesters left to go!

Holy crap, she's posting something!!

...wow. It's been, what? Thirty forevers since I posted anything here? Long time, huh?

I think I should preface this with one thing: I got blocked hard on the legacy and other stories, then my game crashed. Like, total loss of everything. It was... well, it sucked big time.

So, I uninstalled everything just after that and... never reinstalled until very recently. As in, December 2009. Since then I've just been playing around sporadically when the mood strikes me, and following what stories I can here and there. All of the CC I had before is gone, although I've gotten back my essential hacks and done a bit of custom searching for the odd thing that catches my eye.

At this point, I'm keeping mostly Maxis-matchy with my CC, which includes skins and eyes. I'm still in lust with the Eye Candy Collection by icnitos, the gold shade of which is my vampire eye replacement*, but they're matched up with Poirot's beautiful HP/Maxis blended skins. Seriously, these are the only skins I would consider replacing my Maxis with, as they're just slightly more detailed but not as realistic as a lot of the skins I've seen. My alien skin default is Aquilegia's starfruit skin (and it's utterly gorgeous IMHO) and I've used SimPE to turn these demon eyes by Aneh into my default alien eyes. They look friggin' fantastic with the starfruit skin.

Right now, I'm not doing any storytelling with it; I'm just playing around for fun. Thanks to offering them up for downloads on pixel_trade ages ago, I was able to save my favourite Starwind heir Fred Luo and the only female heir Melfina (she of the sweet alien genes) and am trying to work them back into my game world. Thus far, I have a copy of Fred and Mel living as father and daughter in Belladonna Cove (although Mel just went off to Sim State and is now a YA) and another copy of Melfina living in a duplex apartment in Strangetown. Future photos may come, especially if I decide for whatever reason to start a brief alien legacy or whatever for the hell of it.

But yeah... I'm still alive, if anyone was wondering XD

* Granted, I'm looking at possibly making one of these WoW elven eyes by KamiKurayami into my vampire default instead. Y'know, just in case of the odd event that one of my aliens gets vamped, since going from kick-ass alien eyes to almost-human eyes is... just wrong.
D. Marie

The Less Experiment: Worth and Nervous Part One

So! By popular demand (and by popular, I mean by cindyanne1 and madame_ugly pretty much saying "do it do it" and myself going "oh god... they're so DAMNED ADORABLE!") I decided to continue the Experiment by hooking up Worth with Nervous Subject. As of this posting there is no baby yet, although Baby Subject-Less is in the gestation period.

But, I wanted to share the shots I've managed to grab from the game:

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Not Sims in the least.

Well, some of you probably know that my roomie, apollymi, is an author. Her actual professional writing LJ account is katherinewrites and she uses that primarily for updates on her novels (her first novel Amaranth is due out as an ebook in December and in print January). I've read the first draft, and it's starting through the editing process now.

But that's not what I'm posting about here.

Over our recent move, the roomie's iBook gave up the ghost. This wouldn't be too big of a deal save for one thing: it was the only laptop in our mutual possession that had built-in wireless, and the roomie does a lot of research online for the books.

Her options are pretty much try to have the bitch repaired a second time (oh no, this is not the first time it's done this) or buy a new MacBook. Given that there's no Apple store in the area, she's leaning towards Option 2. Which is where I'm stepping in.

Katherine's Laptop Donation Fund

I'd help out myself if I could, but she knows I'm just as broke as she is. We spent way too much damned money moving and it'll be a good while until I'm back to normal financial standing as well.

I promised to help out with "pimping" though, so here it is in black and white (so to speak). Click the link and if you can help in any way, you rock. Hell, you might get written into the third book for all I know (I'd say "the next book," but she's already finished it and is in the pre-editing phase).

Yes, not sims, but she's desperate to the point of begging me to announce it on all my journals so what can I do?
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Well, as mentioned in my previous entry, I set up an asylum in my new pristine (aka unplayed) Strangetown and dropped off the inhabitants. I only played long enough to get the house built and drop the sims on the lot, but as always CAS took a group shot for me.

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I've not yet decided on who the controllable sim is, because I have two romance sims with Woohoo 20 Sims LTWs, two family sims who want to send 3 kids to college, a popularity sim who wants 20 Best Friends, a knowledge sim who wants to Max All Skills, a fortune sim with a 5 Top-Level Businesses LTW, and a fortune sim who wants to be a City Planner. I'll reroll whenever I do decide, but I can't decide >_<

So, screw it. Poll Time.

Poll #1222998 Asylum Controllable Sim

Who should the controllable sim for this Asylum Challenge be?

Snapdragon Flora (fortune, 5 businesses)
Aisling Dale (family, graduate 3 kids)
Strudel Jambon (romance, 20 lovers)
Galacticon Farquest (romance, 20 lovers)
Becky Sparrow (family, graduate 3 kids)
Ginger Cloud (knowledge, max 7 skills)
Vanessa Spicoli (popularity, 20 best friends)
Melfina Starwind (fortune, city planner)
Starwind // Melfina


Okay. I really hate this, but. I have utter writer's block on the next section of Redefining Life. It wouldn't be so bad if not for two things:

  1. I want to show off Fred's mean in all it's glory well before I get to Jim and the twins.
  2. I've been having no trouble writing general fanfiction, and have been updating that almost every damned day since the end of July.

So, what I'm gonna attempt to do is get back into the swing of things with a little pixel_trade asylum. The sims who will be participating in this challenge (although I random-rolled their aspirations and let CAS pick their personalities) are as follows:

I'm rather hoping that this'll pull me out of my slump; if nothing else, I'll get to see how they manage!

Yes, I know I have three aliens in there. I love me some aliens.

The Great (for me) Debate

I haven't actually utilized them in game yet, but I'm seriously debating on whether to share my Multiple PT hack. I'm gonna have to pick one of my 'hoods and force abduction pregnancies on a lot somewhere to see how they come out before I make a concrete decision.

The main reason I'm thinking of sharing them is because of my odd little tendency to clone Maxis sims all over the place (nope, Ripp isn't in the set but only because I picked a sim with similar-yet-stronger features instead). My set has sims from all three of the base neighbourhoods, and I didn't go with any fancy skintones that would need to be downloaded to work.

So, wanna see 'em?

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And a reminder that I'm next week's simstorytellers' interviewee. I'm nearly done going through the main questionnaire and have one from the community; feel free to ask anything at the announcement post and I'll be sure to answer when I post the interview on Monday.